As your doula, I will support you unconditionally to make your experience of pregnancy and birth positive and empowering, whatever this means to you.

I offer an initial one hour consultation free of charge so that you can ask questions, tell me about your needs and find out more about the services I can offer you. This gives us both a chance to see if we are a good fit, and whether we would like to work together.


Birth Package: £700 (£250 deposit upon booking, with the remainder due by 36 weeks unless otherwise agreed)

  • Free initial consultation
  • 2-3 antenatal visits
  • Attend any midwife/hospital appointments with you if required
  • Unlimited phone, email, text and messaging support
  • On-call from 38-42 weeks (or until your baby is born)
  • Continuous support during your labour and birth
  • Support as needed until you are settled after the birth
  • 1 postnatal visit

Much of the work I do is in supporting and helping you prepare antenatally. As your birth doula I will visit you two or three times during your pregnancy, giving us plenty of time to get to know each other and to discuss your pregnancy and birth. Typically (and this is by no means an exhaustive list) we may:

  • Talk through any previous birth experiences, or anything that you feel may be important or relevant.
  • Discuss your labour and birth preferences and intentions.
  • Talk through any fears or worries you may have.
  • Jointly research unbiased, up to date evidence-based information and de-code what it means for you.
  • Talk through the choices, options and decisions you will be faced with throughout your pregnancy, birth and in the early days.
  • Discuss coping skills for labour and birth.
  • Discuss ways to relieve and support any pregnancy related discomforts.
  • Work together to help you to communicate clearly and effectively with your care providers.
  • Discuss and work out how I can support you if needed during antenatal appointments.
  • Discuss how you may wish to support your body and baby during pregnancy.

Between antenatal visits I offer unlimited support via phone, email, text or messaging. Once you reach 38 weeks, I will go on-call for you. This means that I will be available to attend you in labour at short notice. During this time I will stay close to home, have my doula bag packed and ready, have my phone on me at all times, have childcare available at short notice, and generally be prepared to be with you ASAP when you call. Once with you in labour I will remain with you constantly, providing essential continuity and reassurance. I will use my skills and knowledge alongside my familiarity with your preferences and intentions to support you, advocate for you if needed, and to help you make your labour and birth positive and empowering. Following the birth I will remain with you until you are settled, comfortable, and happy for me to leave. When you are ready, I will visit you one final time to discuss the birth and to support you with anything that has arisen.

Postnatal doula £15p/h (minimum 2 hours) / £110 per day (8 hours)
As a postnatal doula I am available to support you in your home for as long as you need me. The job of a postnatal doula is as varied and nuanced as the work of a birth doula, and just the same my support will be tailored personally to your needs and circumstances. Many women find they need support in one way or another the first few weeks and months, yet many of us struggle to find it. Partners often don’t have much time off of work and close family may not be readily available. Even if they are, having an experienced, neutral support person can make all the difference to your wellbeing in those early days! What can I offer as your postnatal doula? Some of the things many women have found they need include:

  • Infant feeding support – I can offer basic, evidence-based support including signposting to specialised support when needed, however you are feeding your baby.
  • Talking through your birth experience – Quite often women need or want to talk through their birth experience. Being able to do so with someone who understands birth can be hugely helpful, insightful and interesting.
  • Emotional support – Something so often lacking in modern maternity care is support for your emotional wellbeing. Whatever you need support with, I will listen openly and will never judge you.
  • Practical support – This can be anything from holding your baby while you sleep or shower, sharing tips and parenting knowledge, helping you find any other support you need, to light household chores or playing with older children to allow you to feed, eat, sleep or all of the above!

Whatever you need, your postnatal doula support will be individual to you.

I am happy to discuss payment plans and other options, so please don’t let money be a barrier to contacting me. I am also happy to accept Doula Uk access fund clients.